Andrew Kingston is managing partner with Kingston Petersen and has over 27 years’ experience providing financing, transactional and corporate law services to select clients throughout the world.

An honors graduate of Harvard Law School, Andrew has been practicing corporate and securities law for more than 27 years. He got his start in the EB-5 industry in 2009 and has since acted as securities law counsel for EB-5 private placements, working directly with issuers in each case.

Andrew has helped a number of EB-5 projects become fully subscribed. He finds that even though he plays a relatively small role in a much larger project, knowing he is part of a successfully developing enterprise is one of the most gratifying aspects of working in EB-5.

His success in EB-5 corporate and securities work also lies in his ability to help project sponsors adjust their expectations. Andrew has seen the industry become much more serious, attracting a greater quality of professionals across all of its dimensions compared to when he first began working in EB-5. He hopes that as EB-5 practitioners continue to accrue experience, the quality of projects and EB-5 legal work will continue to improve, and EB-5 will become a more accepted financing tool.

Today, American immigration Group has representations in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, the Middle East and working on the expansion in many other countries.

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