Our Story

In 1985 David Finkelstein became the President and Owner of an international manufacturing and distribution business after 10 years of working as its Chief Operating Officer. Under his command, the company undertook an aggressive expansion of sales on an international scale and more than tripled the company’s revenue. Having ensured the success of Leather’s Best Inc which today is continued by his son, Marc Finkelstein as Marc Steven Leather, David started a new business venture in 2000, this time in Real Estate. He became the Chief Financial Officer and Owner of Allied Capital and Development.

The company successfully developed residential multi-family town homes and commercial development with the highest standards of quality and construction. As owner and CFO, David was responsible for structuring and funding the construction of these projects. In 2009/2013, following the housing crisis, Allied Capital like many other businesses was dealing with a challenge in finding funds to complete real estate projects. For David this was just another day at work and he started doing what he does best; structure new ways to finance the company’s projects. David and his team were supportive to help structure EB-5 financing as a tool to help the US economy and make the American Dream accessible in a larger scale.

EB-5 had all the same challenges David had excelled in his prior business experience. It had the international component which David was well prepared for from his leather company, it had the Real Estate component which he had been successfully developing for years now, and it had the financial component which has always been his passion.

The Start 2013

After building the project structures required for raising EB-5 funds in China he was instrumental in supporting the successful raise of more than $600 million in EB-5. David and his daughter Jacqueline started American Immigration Group in 2013. David and Jacqueline offer more than 50 years of combined successful Real Estate experience and a passion to make the world a little smaller and easier for all to reach.

AIG Today

Today, American immigration Group has representations in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, the Middle East and working on the expansion in many other countries. American Immigration’s Team is a team of passionate people that endeavor to help families start a new life in the USA, this is a team of honest, professional, highly trained, and experienced members who are committed to making sure each investor is treated as family from day one, and that their investment will be successful both on immigration and financial aspects.


Our Mission is to provide superior investment-grade opportunities so that foreign investors can be part of a safe investment structure with real assurances in an iconic project and receive their Permanent Residency in the USA.


Our Vision is to bring the American Dream to people globally and be a company most admired for its people, partnerships, and performance

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